New Mama SpanX Single release coming July 24!

Mama and the Spankers have been cooking up some new tunes....we are VERY excited about the first single! You can pick up on line of course and join in the fun of our bodacious release....WAIT FOR IT! Heehee!


Blues Bytes Review! 

The group Mama SpanX was assembled by singer/songwriter Nikki Armstrong, putting together some of her favorite musicians from the East and West Coast’s R&B, rock, and funk genres (the late soul-jazz guitarist Melvin Sparks gave Armstrong her distinctive…



Mama SpanX re-released State of Groove in early Nov 2018 and gave it to  Frank Roszak 
 KBA Recipient 2014 PUBLICIST to promote. 

Since then we have been added to so many playlists on reporting stations all over the…